Ilona Ralston is a self-taught painter who was born in Ilawa Poland. 

After completing her formal education in Environmental Engineering she started working as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for the French Company IPSEN. That job lasted for awhile and was very successful. Her adventurous self couldn't stay put, so she decided to come see what this big world behind the "big water" is about and she emigrated to USA. It wasn't all Unicorns and Rainbows, it was hard and bumpy, but she made it :-).
​USA is the country of entrepreneurs and if you can not make it here you probably will not make it anywhere... Sooo, after years of hard work here we are, serving YOU!

​The full story behind  the creative hands in Dynamic Brush is that God given talent, self training, some perseverance, and "everything is possible" attitude, a professional Engineer became a professional artist with the ability to teach the skill to others.

Dynamic Brush serves it's clients in Murrysville and the Greater Pittsburgh Area, as well as all over USA and abroad through the use of the Internet.

Dynamic Brush offers private painting parties not only on canvas, but also on wine glasses and silk scarves. We come to your location or you come to ours - yes, we are flexible beyond reasoning :-).

If you need a great and fast Face Painter - you definitely need to remember Dynamic Brush!