• ADULT PAINTING PARTIES WITH BYOB OPTION, where we either paint on GLASS or CANVAS. We have two options - you organize it in your location, and you paint free, plus you get a gift from me! Or you all come to my location! Either way it is a lot of FUN! Great for Bridal Parties, Birthday Parties, After Work Mom Stay Sain Parties, or whatever else you can think of

  • KIDS BIRTHDAY PAINTING PARTIES, at least 10 participants, the b-day child picks the theme and we paint for an hour at the beginning of the party, than you feed them, as the painting dry, you do the presents or not, and they are taking their masterpieces home as party favors. Sweat and short and you do not have to do anything! Call for quotes.

  • SILK SCARF MARBLING PARTIES, and again we can come to you or you come to us, we just need a minimum of 12 participants, it is like magic! So easy and so rewording!



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