SILK SCARVES HAND PAINTED - those scarves are one of a kind pieces, like no others, wearable art. Those are hand dyed, piece by piece, very carefully and slowly silk scarves with specially formulated silk dyes. The edges of the design are first blocked with gutta and than filled with colors. Next those colors are preserved to make sure the scarf is washable. 

It can be painted with your favorite design or you can look through the once that were already done by Ilona.

Check the ETSY for availability.


MARBLED SILK SCARVES - those scarves are done with a special technique that allows to float different colors of liquid paint on top of specially formulated water and manipulate it to achieve beautiful designs. After we are happy with the look we are taking a print on the silk scarf, we than preserve the paint with a heat so it is washable and of course a piece of wearable art.

This silk painting is the one that we offer in various Art and Craft Shows, Painting Parties and Fundraiser Events.

Check the ETSY for availability.

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